Monday, March 3, 2008

This transformation was quite simple the wooden seat was attached by Ikea with L brackets so I simply unscrewed that traced out the shape onto a piece of 2 inch thick foam square , cut the shape, covered the foam with batting then the fabric, stapled first the front center one staple then the opposite then onto the sides in the same way then slowly out from each staple making sure to pull tight with the same pressure to keep things taught, if you make a mistake with flat head screw driver remove and redo. I primed the chair with high adhesion primer, than 3 coats of paint, let dry over night and sanded lightly to remove any imperfection and to add age. I will rub on a clear wax and buff to add durability . Attach seat , that it " easy peazy lemon squeazy " as my 6 year old would say . Breaking news, when using high adhesion primer you "should" wait 7 days for it to cure. I normally don't because I like to get things done, but for chairs I would recommend the waiting. I use Zinsser Bull's Eye 1-2-3 primer sealer, always .

My children have asked me if re-designing chairs was my new job , seeing as that is a lot of what I have been up to lately. Not yet . Its already getting top pick. One more chair to do.

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