Saturday, March 29, 2008

Messy messy

Anyone who has lots of kids accepts the overwhelming messes, I do , I had let's see , 2 of my own kids and 5 of not my own kids , that makes 7 plus me , and two dogs, that can stir up quite a mess, especially for my open front entrance, it is the only entrance, this is how I think it could look, no one has left , I have just hung things in the special place called CLOSET , which no one but me seems to know about it has these things called HANGERS, which still I only know of.
This is how it really looks after I have made everyone put their boots aside and hang up their coats on the appointed hooks, sometimes its hard to breath when trying to get people in and out of this messy area , but this is the space I have been given .
Dream , yes I am dreaming of a nice big entry with an adjoining mudroom , someday I will have that dream.

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