Thursday, March 20, 2008

GE Profile it is

I have been waiting for 2 years now to buy a Jenn Air and I have almost completely ruled it out in favour for this model, the Jenn Air although pretty doesn't have ample freezer space , I don't want less space just better location that's all, the baskets for the freezer seemed flimsy and annoying , so I can imagine in the future they would be rather regretful. So we looked at all the models , my two girls and I , and we really love the french door style, as the space is tight here and a big door could hit the island, and it has the large spaces inside that I fell in love with . The bottom pull out tray and super convenient shelves , one simply slides under it self to allow for taller items, wow I love that . It is 25 cu ft so it has lots of room, and although Sophie will have a little bit of trouble getting to the stuff inside she is growing like a weed, this is why we opted to a regular fridge while our kids were young , I love that they have been able to help themselves to things, I can't imagine the alternative , annoying. the slide out tray at the bottom would be perfect for my big trays of cupcakes. It is really a cool fridge.

They had the most beautiful fridge marked down by $1000. and electrolux side by side , it really is the prettiest fridge out there and what a deal , the best part is that it is stainless all around , no black or grey sides , stainless , so for all of us with side exposed fridges it would solve that color difference problem , I am going to box mine in and attach my chalk board with a hidden hinge so I can made a slim cavity for my swiffer and mop. I know enough about the appliance choices. Sorry I have been dreaming of a new fridge for so long how could I not be excited.

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