Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The other side

Well here is the other side of my bedroom , I suppose I never show it due to my machine , which I NEED and do use and which is never a clothes hanger, it is not so decorative, and if I loved it to the basement cold yucky storage filled and unfinished there would be no help for me. So it stays.
but this is how the room looks, it is still in transition , with the wall color swatches a blob of brown here a blob or brown there , this is how I do it , its gonna be painted anyway, and it encourages me to just do it. Usually.
I like it all with the exception of the wall color which I am just simply bored of.
I love this light , when I bought it it was white with pink and green painted flowers and leaves, yuck, I glued these little mirrors into the centers of the flowers after being inspired while visiting a furniture store , and seeing lighting done in this way but very pricey. I am wondering if my side table should be painted and if so what , perhaps I should wait until I get that walls done. Although there are a few hits of the medium wood tone, in the pine chest , the match stick blinds and now the table, I would love to see dark dark wood floors in here in the future.

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