Monday, March 10, 2008

A beam goes up and a chair is completed

It is March Break here , I have taken the week off to spend time with just my girls, we went to the eye doctor today , we are very proactive about eye checks as things can get missed, I find most parents don't take their kids to the eye doctor until past 2nd grade or until something is obviously wrong, I suggest having all children checked starting at age 3 , it s a simple picture test at that age. We just learned Sophie has an astigmatism , not too bad , but if left alone it can cause sight loss, so it is good to be aware , she doesn't need treatment at this time as it is very minor , but her sister who wears glasses has been saying she can't see very well , she was so right she needs new glasses only after a year , doubled her prescription although it is still quite mild. They have the nicest glasses for children these days , she gets compliments on the glasses she has now almost every time we go out , they are very cute , she picked them , like I would have a say . I finished the paint job of the frame with a bit of brown glaze left over from the girls bathroom.
The chair is complete, of course as always there were some hiccups along the way, the fabric tea towels were too white and I think the that it didn't have enough body or strength. I found this washed out stripe , black and white, it was an end so it was super cheap and I found an extra thick gimp which is so bold, I love it , it had a bit of a Swedish or Norwegian feel to me. All was moving along well until my staple gun died, it is an Arrow , I have had very bad luck with my tools quiting on me in the middle of a project, luckily I do have the good old manual staple gun as well, it uses a great deal more effort but it got the job done. Next time I need to do a staple project I will rent a "real" stapler from Home Depot.

We (husband and I ) installed a good deal of the ceiling beam last night , it went very well, love the effect, for some strange reason it is giving the room a greater sense of height.

As you can see it is not near finished but I am happy with how it is coming along.

Click the photo to enlarge , you can see we attached a 2x4 to the studs in the ceiling , and created a simple box and attached the bracket to the beam and nailed and screwed it to the 2x4.

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