Sunday, March 2, 2008

I know a lot of you think I just jump to it when ever a project needs a doin' like some sort of decor superhero re-designer , but I do drag my feet with somethings, like this chair which is wood , I am not a fan of wood but on floors, which I love, when I picked this up at the as-is dept at ikea I had intended to paint it at least white, but for oh two years it has it here as is in ugly brown,see sometimes I turn a blind eye to the ugly. Well inspiration hit on Friday while shopping for trim I happened upon my favorite fabric in the world, this vintage floral print with robin's egg blue background I was able to pick up 6 meters for the price of two marked down meters, it has all the colors of my house the blues , greens, raspberries and even a soft yellow/cream that I will be painting the walls sometime in the near future.
I started off by adding foam to this seldom sat on chair , the kids all prefer the white Martha stools, the brown chair is the last taken , odd man out, I know it doesn't look fab , but I am in the process of painting this chair white, or perhaps the grey , no I think white. I will show it later and soon.
What on earth are these for , the dowels would make them a bit tough to just pop into any building project, but I loved the shape, so I have used two on the range hood , but it was looking skimpy so I added another to the middle , now it is more of a exaggerated moulding detail, I was inspired by a kitchen that used a giant dental moulding detail in a similar way , I had thought to add three to the center but after putting in the middle piece that was just the right amount, 3, 5 or 7 right.

You can see my dream stove picture taped up to the tiles, oh how I want that stainless stove with low profile back. I am using the power of imagery, so far nothing.
I had planned to build my beam this weekend but illness has hit hard to this house again , my poor baby came home from school looking exhausted, I thought it was the blizzard that they had just endured but fever was obvious , and she began throwing up, the fever has been a tough one to beat, she has been laid out for almost two full days, I fear she may also have strep on top pf her "cold" she has almost every symptom, poor kid, we did go to the doc and are waiting on the test results, these are the times I appreciate our health care system, free health care wonderful we got seen in oh two minutes seriously, sure we pay for it in our taxes but it doesn't hurt to do it that way and its wonderful care. So we are alternating Motrin and Tylenol, do you know about this ? each medication hits different part of the body and brain that causes the fever , so cool, they didn't use this procedure when Mason was little , seems to be working.
So my big job today is to keep Sophie comfortable and keeping her fever from going back to 102.5 don't like that number , between fever battles I will paint the chair and grocery shop, and maybe fit in some laundry, gosh I hate laundry. I sure love weekends and haveing the hubby around to help and make it possible to get out.
Have a healthy weekend.

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