Friday, April 6, 2012

powder room progress

 I have been working oh so very hard on this main floor powder room for two solid weeks , mostly I have been working on stripping the little dresser that I wanted to become the vanity. Magically this dresser that was our bedside table in the old house was exactly the perfect size for this powder room.
 I used Circa stripper and it took off very slowly one to two coats of paint at a time. Too slowly , and it was very very messy . There were moments when I thought this endeavour was a very bad idea. This is a very old dresser with many many layers of paint, like white , blue , cream , avocado , harvest gold then white and cream again ...what an awful job. I ended up getting a cheap heat gun to finish off the job.

I spent the entire day turning this dresser into vanity. We had to lose the top two drawers but I was able to configure the bottom drawer for some storage for a few essentials.
 I started this makeover with the floor , then moved onto the mirror by adding trim to the standard builder mirror.I then added the barn style galvanized light from Lowe's.

 The bottom drawer has two adequate sections on the sides.
 I cut out the back of the dresser to allow room for plumbing.
 This shows you how we sectioned out the drawer , we used the discarded sides of one of the upper drawers , they were the perfect fit of course.
 I just love this light. It gives such a nice moody light. I tried to paint the walls orange but it didn't work for me. I opted for a deeper grey shade for the walls and a lighter grey for the mirror trim.
 How amazing did the floors turned out? I am crazy about the floors. As you can see we loved the rustic look that stripping the dresser resulted in , it seems to be the perfect mix.

Here is a close up of the back of the dresser and the drawer. I almost was able to install the sink and faucet but looks like I will need to visit the plumbing dept before I can get that done, and since it is Good Friday the stores are sadly closed. I was so close to having a room completed....darn I need a room completed.

Well I hope you have a happy Easter , I"ll be checking back in as soon as I have something more to share.

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