Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sitting pretty

I was so excited to finally be able to return the breakfast table into the kitchen. The flooring install, staining and top coating took a long while and we very much missed having some where to sit for meals.
 This is my solid pine table I picked up for $40 , what a deal. I sanded and sanded until it was completely bare wood again . I stained it with Kona 2 coats , but that brought out a strong shade of orange that I hated. So I went back to the store and picked up Classic black stain and top coat, 2 coats again in satin sanding lightly between coats , it feels so smooth .

This is how our house still sits today , a sad dirt yard surrounds our home...I long for grass , landscaping and trees...I think we should seriously consider a hot tub for the space behind the garage. We could easily fit an 8'x8' sized tub , I think it might be helpful with all the many labour intensive projects we have planned , we might want to soak our weary muscles. A pool would be a nice addition to our yard but lets face it a hot tub can be used year round and a pool some years is barely needed , you never know how long or nice our warm/hot season is. I mean is late April and its freezing , I don't dare put away my winter coat .
I'm sure we could make a hot tub look good with a raised deck around it to make it look built in right , sadly they tend to be on the ugly side .

I should really get going I have a very long list to tackle today .
Prime brackets did it !
Install rain head showers for the girls did it !
Return library books did it !
Pick up MDF shelves from HD to make closet organizers (yippy) did it !
Top coat stairs did it !
Install shoe moulding in kitchen 
Fill in hole above vent for hood did it!
Paint cabinet doors 
Paint kitchen uppers did it !

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