Friday, April 20, 2012

What's going on ....

Its kind of funny the two rooms available to decorate are the powder room and the laundry room. 

 But my focus is definitely on painting and more painting . Painting cabinets , the stairs and brackets.
I am also trying to plug away at some trim carpentry like the detail trim valance of the kitchen uppers.
 I added edge trim to the laundry closet , next step more painting and door building.
 Some of the brackets that need so much careful painting. I have lots of cabinet doors in the basement that I am slowly working on. These brackets will be tricky to attach to the bottom of the kitchen uppers, I think I may have figured out just how to do it , fingers crossed.
 I just realized after reading another blog that I forgot to share the hardware I chose. I wanted to update the TV cabinet in the living room with with a little brass hardware. I found the library style pulls at Home Depot they are Martha Stewart , and $4.95 I believe , if I remember correctly. They are great quality and a great price. The little knobs are from Lowe's and were $2.65 , but no promises I remember exactly down to the pennies , OK?

I also decided to change out the chrome knobs on the drawers to these contemporary chrome pulls.
They need a little polish up now and again due to finger prints , but they sparkle. These were approx $5.95.

A little on the appliance front.
 Here is our lovely hood and chimney cover , sadly I don't  have 14' ceilings to accommodate this chimney cover. There was a picking problem at the warehouse and we got a chimney 2' taller than we need. They will be bringing us the correct sized chimney tomorrow.  I am so excited to see this installed, the issue is now that I must tile the wall behind the stove before Tuesday . I will be off to find the perfect subway tile a little later, add that to the list.
So that is what's going on around here a whole lot of little details. Oh and I am so excited to share that the appliance installer is coming on Tuesday and he says I will have my range hood installed and and my gas stove as well as my dishwasher . I have not had a dishwasher for 7 weeks , it's torture.
Here is my dishwasher as it sits, dishwasher/work surface.I am so excited to have a dishwasher again.

How kinda sorta funny is it that when I heard our dishwasher was back ordered to March 23rd I figured we would have the kitchen all done and ready for the dishwasher by then, I guess I under estimated just how long it takes for one person to take a builder kitchen to custom beautiful, we still don't know quite how long that takes. I did have help installing the floor , so its not all just me ....
Bye for now , have a great weekend.

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