Wednesday, April 25, 2012

smiles from the Kauffman's kitchen

I am over the moon today , in fact when these appliances of ours were all installed I couldn't stop smiling. 
I never in a million years thought we could have these kind of appliances , the kind I have drooled over and dreamt of . I am a very lucky girl. 
The installers were really amazing , there are always little bumps in the road . Like the rangehood , I am certainly glad I didn't attempt to install it at all. It was/is heavy and complicated , and now I know it is installed properly. It is so quiet .

 6 beautiful burners, and guess what the installation man showed me that if the burners blow out , say there is a gust of wind from the window and the flame blows out then the burner will automatically re-ignite, awesome. I'm loving that safety feature , especially since gas makes me nervous. I'm sure I'll get used to it and from what I hear I will love it .
 I made some progress on the stairs , painting those risers , that's a lot a fun times. Spindles need some attention too , any takers ????
 In other happy news we are drooling over our beautiful dishwasher , I am so happy I found this model and we got it on sale for an amazing price. Loving the matching handle to the stove. It is a Kitchenaid.
Getting the range and range hood out of the dining room left me enough room to create a functional dining room. I finally had some room to hang the large round mirror we bought each other for Christmas , pretty perfect . I want to install the chandelier but I would regret that during the flooring installations , right .
Future plans for this room are many , including a new round table and chairs , pine floors in a pattern , hanging the chandelier , paint , mouldings and a wooden beam. I am so thrilled to see this room as a room and not a store room . what a great day .

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