Thursday, April 12, 2012

super sink

 Our Arci-tec kitchen sink arrived yesterday .I almost went with Blanco , but after doing a little research this one has sound buffers and is 16 g steel which is thicker than the comparable Blanco which is priced around $700 -$900 . That was a no brainer decision. I actually found the Blanco sink locally in whitby ( the next city over) for around $500 which was pretty darn good, but when I went to order this sink from Home Depot I sure was happy I decided to try this Arci-tec sink instead since I saved a bundle of money .
 It is so beautiful and comes with a drain also, super. Come holidays I will be so happy to soak entire pots and large roasting pans right inside. And the stainless steel clean up is so much easier than the white sink I used to have , which I loved .
 Oh happy day , that is the UPS truck parked outside my house.....this could only mean one thing, my pendant lights are here....happy dance.
Oh my goodness those boxes are huge , how big are those pendants going to be!!!!

Did I forget to tell you that I changed my mind and ordered these Keynes lights from Home Depot , they were on SALE which made them more affordable than anything I could locally find. I love the industrial look and after living in the kitchen for about 6 weeks now I now that the kitchen needs more lighting and over all lighting is more called for than the down lighting I thought I would be ordering. This is my first online order from Restoration Hardware and it went so well , this order arrived 8 days before expected , and considering they came from the US that is such a bonus. I must now get working on that last clear coat and then extending the island so that I can get these pretty lights installed. 

I am so thrilled and happy to be building my dream kitchen with my own two hands one step at a time. 
I am very fortunate indeed. 
I was figuring out just how much money we will have saved on the kitchen upgrades and other upgrades throughout the house, so far mostly in the kitchen and including the stairs finishing and  kitchen floors is around $11,000 compared to what it may have cost to have upgraded prior to us moving in . I am earning my keep as the in house full time renovator , there is no other job I would rather be busy doing right now. And of course being here full time for my family even though I am a hot mess and constantly covered in paint and caulking and stain ... what a great life.

here is the link to the sink if your interested

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