Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo editing and random thoughts

 I have been sad that Picnik was shutting down  , as it was my go to to make my photo's look better and to make collages and such.
But I found PicMonkey yesterday , yeah me , it must be from Picnik because my favourites are there like cross process.

 Still just dirt living grass till it warms up around here , and then plants, trees and a driveway , so exciting , and a fence and not having to walk the dogs constantly, oh heaven. It will be like a whole extra room having a yard again. My husband thinks we need a riding lawn mower , that is going to be a whole lot of grass to cut, we will definitely have to get rid of our corded electric mower that is for sure.
Need to get that island back in here , after the stove and dishwasher are installed Tuesday we can have the island back in , looking so forward to having an island again.  I'm going to tuck the microwave into that island, there is really no where else for it , I don't need to see it , but we use it a lot so it stays. The only place for it is the island. I am building a base cabinet for it . It's going to be an adjustment for everyone , but we don't have little ones so I don't really see any problems.

 We finally got that fridge out of the family room and into the space we created for it weeks ago , I had to finish the floors and top coat them and wait for things to harden up before we moved the heaviest fridges into place. We used carpet scraps under the wheels to move it , even empty it is a monster. The damage to the floor is minimal !!! . Next time we will use Masonite , apparently that is the way to go to protect your floors . Why didn't I check YouTube ??? oh why.                  

 Do you spy anything here, its the edge detail or valance and brackets installed....oh yes oh my. That was tricky installing the brackets.
I am moving on to tiling behind the range hood area today . I took a break yesterday and even went to see a movie with my husband , The Lucky One, it was a good one, sweet , hot and I even may have shed a tear???
Subway tile here I come. Weather man bring me some sun , I have to use a wet tile saw today...

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