Thursday, April 19, 2012

Laundry room musings

This Urban Grace laundry room was our jumping off , both my husband and I love it .
I think our laundry room is a combination of these two , the one below is from Canadian House and Home.
I am still plugging away improving our little laundry room. I have always dreamed of having an actual laundry room , this is my very first one and it has almost everything that I longed for and I'm very happy to have it. 

 I have completed the upper cabinets as far as the painting and details go. Remember the cabinet on the right is the one we re-located from the kitchen , turned out to be a great move.
There is still lots to do like tile, build a lower sink cabinet and counter to extend over the washer and dryer.
 Turns out I had just the right baskets for my shelf just laying around , these are from Ikea .
 The coat closet to the left of the sink was redundant , our front hall closet is more than sufficient for our needs. I did not plan on us using this narrow laundry room as a main entry , I think that would make for one messy laundry room. So my plan was to re-configure it into a pantry closet instead, more storage is always a plus.
First I removed the sliding closet doors that just got in my way. I plan to build two narrow doors for this closet, I priced out 8Ft doors to fit this closet that match our other doors , the price of those special order doors is $170 each , um no way . The upstairs closet doors are going to be $50 each , how can two little doors be $170?
 I know it looks a little rough right now. I added a second shelf above the one standard shelf and removed the hanging bar. I used MDF shelf pieces to create a tower to hold these baskets I picked up last week. I will be adding trim and details to pretty it all up .
 I found these labels at Staples they are Martha Stewart the whole line of stationary is so adorable.
 This is one of my favourite features in the laundry room.,67405&ap=1  , its a drop hook , its the perfect spot for hanging air dry pieces.

 This has been a great room for the dogs , they get fed in here out of the way , and I think they prefer it this way. I am planning on doing perhaps board and baton or tall beadboard to this wall and adding hooks.

I found this basket and its perfect for my drying paint brushes.

So things are moving along nicely.

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