Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally finished with top coats

 After working most of the day on the laundry cabinets adding shelves and bead board and a valance and then priming and lots of painting, it was time to add the final and 3rd coat of top coat to the kitchen floors.
I am so so very glad I learned carpentry right about now, because building this simple cabinet and adding the shelves and bead board and all the trimmings would probably cost around $400-$500 if I were to be asked to do this kind of custom work because it came in for so much less.
Here is the rough little sketch I did that I worked off of. It was one of a few options. I changed it a little making only two shelves in the middle section . I decided to use the middle shelves for my flower vase collection , mostly they are glass and some are quite tall. I figure eventually I will have a nice counter in here and I can cut my flowers in this room , I don't get flowers that often but maybe I will more often after this area is complete.

 I have decided to use these tiles that I got from Overstock as a feature tile in this room. The rest will be subway tile. I need a nice backsplash in the laundry room since this is where I wash all my paint brushes and wash the dogs.
 Here is what I did to the bottom of the middle shelves. You can see how they are attached and supported to the wall and cabinets which is fine and when all painted looks fine also. Well since I had enough material at my ready I decided to cover it all up with another piece of MDF making it look much cleaner and substantial. I just lucked out that my support were the perfect size to accommodate a sheet of MDF, lucky break.
 I use the pre-cut MDF shelf pieces for a lot of my work because it is so well priced and is easy to manage. It comes in 12"x8' lengths. I should buy a pallet of this stuff its so handy. It is what I will make my closet organizers out of when I get to that.
 I will need to try to find baskets for the cabinet to the left , I should have done that first I know.
Now to figure out a color for the walls in here and to make doors for the closet here also.
I am so excited to fill it all up with my pretty items, but as I ask my clients to wait at least a week before using painted built-ins I will wait a week also. It's oh so hard to wait.
Looky looky here , this is the floor after the final and third coat of clear coat. It gets better with every coat. It doesn't look like you can see the grain but you can in real life. 
This means that in a few days I can bring in the breakfast table that I refinished (it's amazing and finished in classic black stain) and my beautiful new kitchen chairs. and then we can bring in the island and I can build the micro wave cabinet to add to that. Things are going to really move forward now. 
Who wants to sand those kitchen cupboard doors for me?? I need a nice weather day to do that nasty job.
 You can also see the bulk head and crown moulding all painted the Bedford gray , its looking so so much better.
We are getting there in this room.

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