Tuesday, April 24, 2012

more blogger kitchens to follow

I am not the only one busy building a new kitchen , I am also eagerly following along with these other design  bloggers ,http://ppebble.blogspot.ca/2012/04/kitchen-considered-chapter-3-going-grey.html Kelley at Polished Pebble is also going grey with her cabinets, it going to be a stunning kitchen , http://www.russetstreetreno.com/2012/04/it-was-exhausting.html Sara at Russet Street Reno has created a classic white kitchen she should be very proud of, all while pregnant with her first baby , and Lindsay at Aubrey and Lindsay http://aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.ca/2012/04/kitchen-elements.html are also in the midst of making all the right decisions and embarking on a major kitchen renovation , it will be sure to be a classic and beautiful well planned space , she has decided on quartz counters or has she???

Planning a kitchen is a major job , there are more decision in the kitchen than I think in any other renovation. Floors , cabinet style , cabinet finish , the lighting , the tiles , the details , knobs , the appliances, the layout , the furniture , the counters, the sink , all important decisions and the desire to get it all just right.
 After grouting behind the stove area which was terribly messy I bent down to grab the vacuum cord and pulled something or a lot of things in my back. I'm in pain, so yesterday was much less productive than I had planned. But somehow after some pain medications and muscle relaxers I was able to get these shelves constructed. I laminated two shelf boards together to create a thicker shelf, then I edged the laminated shelf with a 1x2" primed board.I just need to sand then and prime and paint.
Here is the question , now do I paint the shelves white or grey ??? I can change the colour of the brackets. The wall behind will be subway tile. Help your opinions would be appreciated.
 Some doors are being installed but most remain untouched, it's been too cold to get outside and sand, miserable in fact. I hope it will warm up soon.
I did get the grouting behind the hood area completed and we just love it, the grey was the right way to go . The appliance installer had to push back our install to Wednesday , I totally understand that some jobs just take longer than planned , I know mine do. What is another day . I can't wait to see how our stove will look in the kitchen and not in the dining room. I may just get our dining room put together in the near future.

I am feeling my meds working for my back so I will be able to get some things done , I need to see at least a little progress everyday
Bye for now , see you soon.

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