Sunday, April 8, 2012

One room is complete , oh happy day

I am so happy to share that the powder room is complete. The vanity is in, attached , has an installed sink (that no longer leaks, oh my word that was a journey) the faucet works and not only looks pretty . But I must share a warning about vessel sinks , keep the flow low , or water will shoot right in and out of a sink like this. Ha! 
I can't tell you how many times I have reached under this cabinet to check for water leaking!!! dozens and dozens of times. I had quite a few bumps getting this sink installed because of leaking drains ...head aches I tell you .But things seem really good , knock on wood , no leaks all day . I wonder just how many times I took the sink out and re-installed it ...???I don't want to remember.

 I must say before moving in I did not have a plan for this room. I thought I was going with a coral colour but that was about it , oh wait , I knew what light I wanted and I stuck with that . I knew I didn't want the simple pedestal sink ( we can use that in the roughed in basement bath one day) but when we were working on the diagonal floor install it occurred to me the small dresser without a home in the house might just be perfect , and luckily for me it was.

 I finished off the baseboard trim , using a show mould and quarter round to hide the gaps left from the wood flooring. It turned out very well.
 I used some left  over art from the bunkie, I think a few hits of lightness in this dark room are much needed. This is a moody powder room, I have been very influenced by Urban Grace designs.

 It feels so good to have one room completed , there is light at the end of the tunnel for sure.
 Do you remember I mentioned that I needed to edge the plywood gable for the fridge enclosure , I got to it today.
 You will find this edging in the plywood department , I chose pine as I used paint grade plywood , since I am painting.
 All you need is an iron. Set to 400 degrees.
Here it is simple , easy and ready to paint. Well prime and paint. I should do that soon.

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