Tuesday, April 3, 2012

busy busy busy, yet nothing seems to be getting done

 I wanted to try a new color for the powder room , a color called Punch , which is a lovely shade of coral in a room with a window . However this Punch shade turns into a burnt orange in a small windowless room and I just couldn't do it . I did however create a lovely custom gray and I just love it , it's perfect.
I am still without a sink though. I have been steadily working on stripping a dresser to be used as a vanity . My stripper sucks... it is so much work I tell ya.

 I have been able to make some really good headway on the newel post by adding just enough trim . Now to start the staining and painting . I am quite sure when I chose to leave this unfinished I was going to have my flooring guy do this job , turns out I'm the flooring guy , my flooring guy sucks. He's so busy , tires easily , seems preoccupied and seems a little scared to start...
 I am not usually a fan of the vessel sink but I really liked this one , it is a simple bowl type vessel sink. I think it is a great option for the rustic dresser I am using in the powder room. Best of all it was only $53.00. More money to spend on the faucet.
 The dream faucet I could choose if I had won the lottery would be around $800 but I did not win any lottery so I am still watching my pennies. I looked all over for a cool faucet for my vessel sink and it turns out I found a kitchen faucet that works and is what I am looking for. It is sleek and modern and I just love it .
All the while trying to make some progress around the house I have been working on a little big client project in the hood. I am so happy with how it turned out , I hope it serves the needs of the family I made it for. I think it is so great getting to work with great families customizing their homes. I will hopefully get this place functional and I can start dividing my time again with some more work. But for now I need to keep my focus here, we don't even have a real kitchen yet and its over a month in.

So we are over a month in , and our stove is still in our dining room , a huge pile of flooring greets us every time we walk in the door. The floors need a second coat of stain , this is happening in an hour. Our kitchen island is in the living room , the stairs are still unfinished. Our powder room has no sink , our foyer is still subfloor.
I am way behind where I thought I would be on the reno's but I will eventually make some serious progress , I am only one woman...
I keep on keeping on.

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