Tuesday, April 24, 2012

on the roll again

 I had to grab my big strong tattoo'd husband to help move the big range into the kitchen , since tomorrow is install day . Although the kitchen is not complete there is no reason to wait any longer for our appliance installation the counter installer said her can work around the appliances so we are happily moving forward. It was simple and painless and easy to move it as well... thanks to a You tube video.
 Why do dogs always want to get in on the action ??? annoying , anyway , I watched a video the other day on how to move appliances without marking or ruining your wood floors. Masonite or hardboard , I picked up three pieces that were 2'x4'. Basically you play leap frog with them and your appliance easily glides right over the boards and saves your floors. Awesome.
 So there it is , at least we have the stove in the kitchen after all this time. No sore backs either .
I want to say thank you for all of the concern about me pushing to hard and hurting myself. I am knocking on 40's door after all and I think that a pulled back is just a part of life at this point, but I am being careful and listening to my body. I am doing as much as I can each day , it's a marathon , there is always tomorrow for more to be done, right. But thank you really for the concerns. I'm good and I thrive while keeping busy and I do put my feet up I swear I do , in fact I am right now .

I installed the rest of the painted doors to this side of the kitchen this morning. What a thrill. I even installed the pulls onto the drawer , my baking drawer.

Tomorrow I will do a little painting , hopefully tackle some sanding and what ever else tickles my fancy. Oh happiness I think I may be able to start emptying out the dining room , that will feel great to de-clutter that very cluttered room.
By for now , time to sleep.

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