Saturday, February 7, 2009

FreeNut Butter , may I introduce you to a safe alternative to peanut butter, with all of the salmonella problems with peanut butter and the obvious allergy related concerns , isn't it time to consider a safe alternative , this is made from soy ,and it smells and looks and tastes just like peanut butter.
This a great product , I encourage you to consider a similar product , safety and health what a motivator !
You could send you child to school instead of peanut butter{if they are not a peanut free school yet} with this safe spread , your kids wouldn't know and you would not risk a child a life threatening reaction .
How many kids at your child's school have nut/peanut allergies ?, we now have 20 children including my youngest , most of the kids are junior kindergarten age 4 , one diagnosed just last week , his poor mom is so sad and depressed I feel her pain , I am going to try and help guide her through as best I can.
Anaphylactic allergies are certainly on the rise, just the other day a student teacher in one of my children's class had a reaction after drinking a bottle of water , they thought maybe it was the water they even tested it by other staff drinking it{silly} , they even made the kids throw out their drinks as a precaution {awesome} , turns out she had a delayed anaphylactic reaction to something either eaten or handled at lunch well before the reaction set in . Just shows you how you can become severely allergic to anything and at any time .
It is so sad to hear that so many young students are coming up allergic . If you don't have experience with this first hand and think it is not a big deal , well it is , it can threaten a life very quickly , and if this were you child you would want all the needed precautions taken to make sure they come home from school safely everyday . I hope you never have to deal with this struggle , but hope you can have compassion and take precautions for others dealing with these issues , they are real .

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