Thursday, February 12, 2009

Re-do recap

I thought I should go over someof the suggestions that were made to make sense of all the welcomed advice.
Thanks for trying to help.

Let's start with the living room ,
- although many said not to paint the poll says change the color , I would still suggest to lose the red areas they draw too much attention , painting them the green would help to expand the space .
- moving the sofa away from the red wall that should be a traffic flow area , removing one sofa will make the room feel much larger , and adding an arm chair focused on the fireplace will make the most of the space.
- removing the chandelier from the fireplace area would be less distracting , putting a cap on that junction box would be better.

The dining room
- removing the small round rug
- moving the dining table centered under the light
- lowering the clock
- I would like to see clean white or cream drapes on both windows.

The kitchen
- new hardware for the cupboards will update
- new window blind to tone down the blue
- pretty canisters for the counter but not a lot of clutter
- good sized sisal rug to cover the tile
- paint the walls a rich creamy tone to warm it up

- move the bed
- new linens for the bed
- I am thinking just painting the bed wall will be enough to draw attention away from the blue carpet
- art for above the bed

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