Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Closing the Curtain

I am working on a little project that I have literally drawn the curtain on . Sophie's closet .
A while ago , let's guess a year and a half ago , I took the standard closet with one long shelf and one rod. So I simply moved the rod and shelf to suit a child , my child , I bought some simple pine boards , and L brackets and left over bits of plain primed MDF and I put together a useful yet not pretty closet . I always meant to go back and finish this paint and trim out my most shabby work. Honestly I didn't know if I would keep it like this because I was so unhappy with the way it turned out.
Well turns out it works really well and hold so many things , and girls have lots of things.

This is how it looks this morning above , a mess , needing quite a lot of work . So I primed and fixed major wall wounds with spackle , and then I added a beaded trim piece to the edges , what a difference that made, and I filled all my shameful gaps with caulking and it is really coming along.

A year and a half ago .

I hope to show you the finished closet tomrrow.

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