Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrity Homes

Click on the photos to enlarge , enjoy ! This is Richard Gere's Home or former home . I love that it is not mansion like at all , but warm and well appointed this is the perfect scale of home for me.
This was one of Ellen's many many homes . While looking I was shocked at the quantity of homes she has lived in and sold. She beats Brittany Spears . I mean if I could afford homes like she does I am sure I would have a few but to turn them over like she does , well it is something close to crazy . I suppose I like to put my roots down at this point in life. The longest I have lived in one home is 8 years and that was as a child , this current house is second at 7 years in a few weeks.

I believe this is Michelle Branch's home, I am afraid I don't know who that is , but she has lovely taste.

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