Monday, February 23, 2009

My mind is thinking and revisiting the notion that I may someday get a mudroom . Now that we uncovered a door way just ready to be finished the dream may be closer at hand.
The one major thing missing from this house would have to be storage for utility items like vacuums and mops and all that other yucky stuff, nor does this house have adequate storage for the outer wear for a family of 4 and two dogs especially given we live in Canada and that can equal a grand scale collection of seasonal outer wear and footwear.
Although first I had thought we could have the laundry in there , it would be very costly to run hot water and to put in a drain ,and sink , so I have decided all I need is a cute and functional mudroom , one that has loads of storage , for cleaning supplies and vacuum's. A spot of cubbies and outerwear. Dog feeding area as well as lounging area , perhaps even a great spot for the kids to craft.
This would give us a extra room on the main floor , invaluable. We have talked about framing this space over the summer , this should not cost a whole lot and we can do this our selves.
Wood floors , beadboard , subway tile , great cheap lighting , kinda industrial .
Below is my inspiration board , and it is inspiring.

My mudroom

My mudroom - by chriskauf on

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