Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have little problem

I am horrified ,I know this is a little mouse , how can this be scary?
Well I don't know why but it really really is .
I saw my dog digging in near the front door , then this little ball came rolling out , oh shit that wasn't a ball that was a mouse , I saw him run right through my dining room into my kitchen right through the door , eeeeek ! a mouse , more swearing urging husband to move faster .
Did he find it , well no of course NOT why would that happen.
I found myself actually ON a chair , I see why this is the best place , you can help by looking out from above and it can't run up to your feet , this is a logical spot , of course this little guy came in through a crack in the front door , he just ran out from behind the fridge , it is so small , what do I do ??????? its 10:48pm , why why I don't likey .

Would my vacuum be a bad idea ??
I am getting the vacuum.

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