Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help Wanted.

* update: the sofas are the same size , the wall color is green

This is my neighbor's home, it is for sale and has been for a while , no offers so far , what do you think is stopping people from wanting to buy it . It is a three bedroom , 1.5 baths.

I think the dining room table is more suited to the kitchen , and a larger table and chairs will tell buyers that they can host holiday dinners , right now this type of table makes the space feel tight and suggests that a larger table can not fit , which it can , as my brother and his wife has this same plan of house , however they only had one large sofa and plenty of space to seat 6 for dinner.

My lovely neighbour has allowed me to post photos of her home in hopes of getting help , advice on how to get this house SOLD in a most sad market .

I have suggested that the paint be changed to a neutral tan color everywhere .

I also think that one of the sofas should be moved out to open up the space.

I also think the chandelier in the living room should be taken down while the house is for sale.

I would like to see the furniture moved to left wall in this bedroom, to showcase the two windows.

I think the kitchen could use some accessories , like a sisal rug to cover up some of the blue tile , and instead of the blue blinds , I think a bamboo blind would be better to not emphasize the blue counters. As well as some new lighting . And some great counter accessories ,pretty jars perhaps.

She would like to spend as little money as possible.

So here is your challenge , leave a comment on how to get this home in selling shape , least money for fasted sale.
Off to the sidebar I am setting up a poll , to paint or not to paint neutral , please cast your vote.

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