Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is the current state of my kitchen , I am painting , just touching up .

The paint under the microwave was starting to chip off as the surface is melamine plastic , and moving the microwave I suppose I caused damage , those micro's are heavy .

So I started to scrape it off but Mason wanted to do it, who am I to say no to a helpful child?

After that I cleaned it with TSP and sanded it a little , then primed it and let it dry over night . Hence the mess this morning . Primed with zinsser latex, painted with latex too.

I painted this kitchen a beige when we moved in and then decided I wanted white more , but I was somewhat lazy and skipped the insides of some of the doors ,I meant to get to it, so finally after dragging my feet for 5 years I am painting the insides , and freshening things up.

A fresh coat of white paint it always nice.

This is what I used but they make a more environmentally friendly version which I picked up while paint shopping, got to be good the earth .

Before the mess I baked a cake . My family is a vanilla family , I am a chocolate kinds girl myself.

See my chest or box , well I have always loved it , and was happy when it became mine , thanks MOM , but it is looking sad , and dry and awful , I am going to deal with it , maybe tomorrow .
I am thinking a Swedish /Belgian kind of look , maybe a soft grey and weathered white look.

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