Monday, February 9, 2009

I wanted to share these images I found while searching Google images .
Can you imagine having such a wonderful bonus space , this is gorgeous .
A playhouse , pool table , wonderful finishes and that row of pendants are Divine.
Do you have an attic?? I have always wanted one , obviously I don't.
*Mousey mouse update here
Well we found out that a family or two had taken up home in our garage , because our garbage is picked up every other week it left them with a plentiful food source , and since the seals on our garage door were broken and missing they had no trouble getting in .So strangely the mice were not hiding but running a muck on our street , no one had ever seen as much as one mouse then Friday they were all over . They were young and not street worthy . We dealt with them by killing as many as we could , they died quickly ,I am sorry there was no other way . My brave neighbour and I took to the task at hand. Armed with traps , Free nut butter and gloves somehow we did what needed doing . Todd then set the garage with poison and they took the bait , so hopefully we will have dealt with this problem . Funny I went from not wanting to hurt the little thing to wanting them all DEAD! that transformation didn't take long.
I fixed my front door weather stripping while yelling at mice to go away , um they listened to the yelling , it was crazy town here on Friday.
One more stupid mouse got into the house on Friday evening , he made himself home, but we chased him away and we haven't seen him {as well there is a locked and loaded ready for him} , my friends came over to help find it , but of course that was not possible, however they did find a spot where I had not completed my baseboard trim , which may have been the open door , so I quickly dealt with that as well .
We are now on a maintenance program and have not seen a single mouse in two days.
And I still have not found a single dropping which leads me to believe this was just some freakish event . At least we are aware .
And that is over , I just wanted to give you an update.

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