Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making changes

After yesterday's post about the tv above the fireplace and the adorable shutters , I decided I need that too , only problem was the awful trim that was existing I hate it , always have , so why not deal with it then . I am filling the groves , and I love this pink spackle its so great, it turns white when it is dry .
Today I am applying a second coat , gonna sand it all smooth , prime it paint it .
This weekend I will build shutters , and I will show you depending this weekend or Monday .

I also after seeing the comfy dining area in yesterday's post I wanted to see if it would work for me. Well NO not under the window because I have the chandelier in the center and a decorative thingy , which means I would need to take it down , scrape the ceiling and move the light , that is a bit of a task , so I instead took out two leaves and moved my bench and created a cozier eating space. I like it , it is spacious and cozy too.

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