Friday, February 20, 2009

Making and entrance

Although my entrance is on the small size I still believe it can be hardworking and welcoming as well as good looking.
How I have made my entry good looking , after all you never get a second chance to make a first impression .
1. I have a pretty wool rug, this rug soaks up wet from boots as well as hides dirt and leaves you with a non slip surface as well a a pretty pattern to look at , no need to go utilitarian here , this one was $30.00 form Home sense.
2. Lighting , don't leave up builder lighting a pretty fixture here is not wasted , every time you welcome someone into your home or even accept a pizza from the delivery guy it is viewed.
3. Hooks , if your closet like mine is small and busting at the seams think of adding some trimwork to attach hooks to , for kids especially this is great , it makes it easy for them to help keep this busy area tidy , they do it at school and they can do it at home, when I have guests over I usually clear out all of the hooks to allow guest to use these hooks and not have to look at our clutter, I think it is a good looking feature .
4. For this window I dressed with a simple striped blind , pretty details should never be over looked , a bare space is never inviting .
5. I painted out the door bell cover to blend in with the wall to make it disappear .

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