Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am working on prettying up Sophie's closet this week , these images are very inspiring for pretty.

Don't forget to click on the above link to Cora's Playground and buy a handmade item to support this family and their desire to build a playground in honour of their daughter who has sadly passed before her first birthday . I just bought a lovely necklace.

Happy Tuesday , finally the kids are back at school after a very long and lazy weekend , the kids hogged the computer and we tackled the garage project .
Did you know that mice hate and are allergic to peppermint , so I soaked cotton balls with peppermint oil and my garage which was FULL of poop {thank you little visitors} now smells devine , and I will say it works so far , as a mouse decided to freeze to death instead of entering our minty garage, yeah , I googled "mice hate?" oh and roaches hate mint too not that we have that problem.

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