Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A "whiteover"

A "whiteover" .
I did like the aqua color that I had painted about a year ago , but I tired of it quickly , it was too much of a good thing. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing , there is enough blue in that bath , the wall to the right of the sink is all blue glass.

Now do I paint that little green shelf ? Nah!

This is the reason that I decided to get rid of the aqua on the bathroom vanity, it is too close to my jam cupboard which I have not tired so it was an obvious choice paint the bathroom cabinet needed to go white. It's just paint. Although I have wondered whatthe jam cupboard would look like painted green .
So for the record this cabinet, that my husband and I bought with the remaining wedding gift money we received that was left over from our honeymoon which I still love , except I think I NEED to change those hinges , has been burgundy, I wanted cream way back when , but that was not the in thing, so I later painted it white , recently I painted it the Flik and Co. blue , it is a happy color isn't it ? But who's to say it is finished ?
To answer the burning how many coats did it take Question , well it took 6 coats , awful isn't it , but I can not tolerate streaks of uneven finishes , oh well it looks great now and it is worth the work to get a good finish . I should mention that these cabinets were the pinky pickled oak wood cabinets doors, which I choose to paint , I love wood painted doors .

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