Friday, January 23, 2009

I don't know what is up with blogger , they layout has a mind of it's own . I wanted to give you a little tip that I came up with .
Although I am a huge fan of painting furniture but there is some upkeep that comes along with it , that I am fine with , but since I painted my dining room table I came up with a little problem solving step . I had a can of classic black polyshades stain /varathane , it is an oil product in satin , I decided to give the table top two coats of this oil to make it very hard wearing and extremely use able .
I feel much more at ease to allow use , of course I would have before , but now I don't worry about re-painting in the near future.

As I was snapping photos around the house for my short lived obsession with RMS I came up with a few new perspectives I liked.
See I was never competitive but for some reason I want to be in the top rated category , and I got it yesterday so I am done , over with it and obviously pathetic, and I apologize for that , let's chalk it up to hormones, trust me it's hormones, over 35 here it could even be peri M right . Fun , fun , fun , my poor family.

I love this shot into my bedroom , all it needs is a great wood floor , or maybe even a soft wool broadloom , I hate the thought of a noisy bedroom . No wonder it is still not done.

Since I am slowing down my interior improving , I am gonna need something else to blog about .
Is there anything you want to know , or ask , suggest for topic, feel free , give it to me.

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