Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rate my Space

What is your experience with Rate My Space ?
I decided to put up some new photos , of my made over dining room , my daughter's room and today my living room , here is my most recent attempt at Rate My Space.
I know it shouldn't matter what others think , but sometimes I feel like Rate My Space is used as Shred my Space , I like my readers here much better , you are all so kind. I get nice comments don't get me wrong, but if I don't like a space I just don't vote , I only vote for ones I like or love and there are lot's of them .
Sorry I haven't been posting , but as doctor ordered I have been resting my wrist and it is much much better . Everyone is feeling better today , thank goodness, cause I need my alone time , which I am enjoying right now.
I think I will go on out and check out Lowe's finally , I am pretty excited.

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