Friday, January 16, 2009

Evidence that the housing market has all but collapsed, see this house , well I love this house , it has a fantastic floor plan and it would be a most wonderful house to live in { I would choose a different color scheme for the exterior}

Trouble with the house is well they have just slashed the price by nearly $100,000.00 GASP! sheer evidence things are bad . At this price I should snatch up my dream house right , NO because MY lovely home has been losing value by the day , I am disgusted at the list prices of houses in my area . {actually some are laughable , outrageous , some sellers are in complete denial and not listening to their agents , obviously }

GOOD thing though I am not temped at all , this house although perfect in every way , 4 bedroom , 4 bath , two car garage , 50 foot lot , well laid out , would never be my house , as I have promised not to move my children from the school they now attend. So although it is a deal and it is at the drywall stage waiting for all the finishes to be chosen , which would be the most fun part , it will stay vacant as it has for the last 7 months , unless someone finally sees its potential , the price reduction should help with that .

So how do things look in your area ? have you been following the price fluctuations ? I always do , I like to know what my house is worth on an ongoing basis , I am a bit of a real estate junkie , there are some deals to be scooped , but not by me , we will ride out this wave , no need to move , any moves will wait until things are looking up , and they will .

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