Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Improvement Year in Review

I see that many are gathering their top ten projects , well I can't decide so I will show all that I recall worth mentioning . Every year I try to make little improvements to make my home pleasing to me , I try to use little money , that is my main challenge . I love to do the work myself , it makes me happy and it is my hobby, as well as my thing.
Well lets get started then :

Painting the stairs , I gave the stairs a fresh color scheme of black and white , it took too many hours to mention , and I think it was well worth the effort. Mason's bunk bed was brown when we bought it , when the kids returned to school I tackled the painting , what a difference, her room is fresh and bright.

Spraying this wicker chair , it was a yellow color which I liked but didn't love , now I can say I love it .

Hold up , ok this is my BIG mistake of 2008 , I took reference from a favorite photo of a living room but it did not translate to my home , I very quickly painted it a soft cream which I LOVE .
They all can't be gems right ! Oh that is so awful.

Replacing the tile in the entry to this slate , I love this material , it is wonderful to live with in the winter , salt and snow are no match , incredible !, I will use this in my next house as well , all those who encouraged me , thank you , you were correct , its fantastic. But let me say I will have it installed next time , this is not to be messed with , I learned the hard way .
Dining room /kitchen swinging door , my favorite addition I have made thus far to the entire house , it is charming and pretty as well as functional , it keeps the kitchen family room warm in these winter months, it allows me to keep my dogs in there when it is needed , it is some what of a sound reducer when the kids are little loud for our liking.
I have also added these creamy stripes to the wall , I love that .

The shell mirror.

Painting and changing the fabric on this Craigslist find transformed it into a pretty computer chair.

The family room ceiling and beam addition were a very popular treatment , I believe adding features like this changes a house , gives it a soul and charm. Notice the creamy walls , ahh that's better.
My recent rough workspace is something I am very glad to have .

Brackets were added to further add charm to my kitchen .

The legs I added to the bathroom vanity were well over due.

I took a leap and painted my master deep brown , it makes for a wonderfully cozy room great for napping .
The dresser I found on Craigslist again it was $60.00 I painted it with the stripes .

Finally using fabric that I had in the basement to recover the settee seat cushion that was showing a great deal of wear , I like the mix and match casual look.
I also this year painted the coffee table a soft blue .

The $15.00 silver lined lamp shade over an existing fixture in the powder room .

The open cupboard for display over the new fridge is just what my kitchen needed , I lined the back with beadboard , of course.
Well there you go , that is most of what I achieved to improve my home this year , it looks like I am running out of things to do .
For this year I plan on tackling my bedroom , it needs all the trim work updated , also my bath need more trim work , beadboard or wainscot?
I am hoping to work on the backyard this summer, we really need to tackle a storage building to empty out our small garage .
The basement is the space in need of finishing , an office for my husband, a storage / workshop , for me , walls and ceilings , and a beautiful laundry room . But we will will have to see about all of that .
I hope you enjoyed my year in review / interior decor. for more wonderful year inreview posts check out Romantic Home , wonderful.

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