Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The diagnosis is in

I have OVERUSE syndrome {in my right wrist}, no kidding , I guess it is official that I do way too much stuff , like all the shovelling , lugging all the groceries , building stuff all the time , I am always lugging something , I have over used my wrist , typing on this keyboard is also to blame . I think this means I NEED more assistance , I guess I can't do it ALL , it is beginning to injure me physically.
This means I have tears in my tendons , I need to rest my right hand , the other day I couldn't slice garlic bread , soft garlic bread .
I need to take this serious , I had a bout last year and it got better , but it is back , and apparently it can get so bad that some people can not hold a cup of coffee , now this is outcome is not acceptable.
I also need to be a bit more pushy in asking my husband for his assistance ,I hate asking for help , getting help I am great at but asking , not so much, so any advice on that , how do you get help , minus the attitude ?

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