Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starfish in the mail

I received a wonderful surprise yesterday afternoon as the postal "guy" { I call him that because is is a kid and looks like a hoodlum he is not an official postal worker , nice though don't get me wrong} came knocking , what could this be I wondered ? then I saw Brooklyn NY and I knew exactly what it was , it was a box chock full of starfish from MRS LIMESTONE , what a kind girl she is , not only has she transformed a neglected diamond in the rough limestone in Brooklyn from disrepair to mannerly but she is always so kind to help me with her wonderful style advice and now to send me her stars , well I just can't say enough , thank you Mrs Limestone, I will put them to good use.

It was time to start repairing the damage I had made the day before , so off to Home Depot to buy a stud a whopping $2.07 cents so far so good , I am keeping with my goal of low cost .

It actually has some structure now .

I am lacking motivation these days , and my hand is injured , my wrist is suddenly weak , and my muscles sore in the one hand, I am seeing my doctor Monday for some sort of answers , I wear a brace but it seems to only get me a little bit of relief , my biggest concern is how it will affect my home improvement work, that would be devastating to have to slow down.
What are we guessing tendinitis or arthritis , I am hoping for the tendinitis ?

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