Monday, January 12, 2009

The hole is holey

There was a little after hole demo regret , I thought it was crazy and it was impulsive.

But I put it all back together with a little bit of trim and some fancy angle work , triangles make for unusual challenges . I painted the basement stairwell walls blue , which looks great through the opening , the trim work needs a fresh coat of paint but I am happy to say I have no regrets , this house is officially one of a kind.

I have been on a search for just the right garbage can . Recycling has taken over under the sink I needed a cute option for a garbage can , typically I HATE the sight of garbage cans in a kitchen especially open ones YUCK! or plastic ones , that is for bathrooms too , especially. I was so happy to find this pretty cream colored can for $24.00 . Pretty garbage cans can range from this to $150.00 , I would NEVER pay that much $24.00 is just the right price for me.

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