Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lowe's get 5 *****

Wow , that was a very fun little outing. I had heard Lowe's was great for lighting and boy were they right , I hit the mother load.

This light is so gorgeous , how can it be $33.~ ?

This gorgeous galvanized fixture would be amazing over a bathroom mirror, or outside as it is intended . $24.00

This vintage look bathroom light is $11.00 and has a pull chain , how charming .

This hurricane fixture is teeny tiny , perfect for a tight hallway.

I am mad crazy in love with these next two fixtures , and so affordable.

My wish list from Lowe's
-gorgeous mirrors for around $80.00
-a new solid wood front door with a large window $700~ { I saw some for up to $4000~}
-the perfect bathroom faucet for $128~ x 2
-a hand held and height adjustable shower head for the girls , $80~
-crown moulding corners like I have seen on blogs but until now were unavailable $6~ each
I think that is it for now

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