Friday, January 9, 2009

I blame Better Homes and Gardens

I will admit I am very a mess right now , I feel very off , and perhaps I was lead by impulse and inspiration and I acted on it . But I think it will be OK . My daughter laughed when she saw it , my husband spoke this sentence to my brother and his wife " this is what it's like to live with her , one day holes in the wall" is he trying to say I am the only one who does this , I find that hard to believe , hey at least I don't ask him to fix it . I needed a small project a must do , low cost time consumer.
This is what I have done , I really like an open stairwell, this was as open as I could offer , as the sun streams in the adjacent window for half of the day , I thought how nice , it would bring in the light , it will .

So blurry ! Sorry ,I will frame it out nicely , we are thinking cut glass insert , I know you can make your own at a shop in the next town , it would be like something you would find in a century old home .
Don't you worry it will be great I know it . Right ?

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