Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a complaint

Wake up .
Feed kids breakfast
Make lunch
Get kids off to school
Make coffee
Check google reader
Feed dogs
Feed frog
Pour coffee
Day officially begins
So my complaint is this , in what kind of a world do these two things happen on the same day? seriously I was reading google reader and Layla from The Lettered Cottage mentions how she picked daffodils for her mothers arrival , are you kidding me! My backyard is officially half way FULL of snow, the snow banks are at least 5-7 feet tall , it is near impossible to turn a corner on the streets because if the height of snow and someone's January day can start with daffodil picking , COME ON!
Just woke up to hear Buffalo is getting 18 more inches of snow by Tuesday , which means it will travel right over Lake Ontario and dump on us too . Of course Buffalo shuts down the city whenever there is a storm , cracks me up actually, they close daycares, schools churches , we close NOTHING , ok maybe the buses won't run , but everything is OPEN baby ! we are a hearty bunch us Canadian's.

That is enough that is my little rant , I have never seen this much snow , its getting to me.

Who know's what this is ??? ANYBODY? want to guess???????

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