Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY , how to replace an old tub drain

I wanted to post about this DIY project because I had a hard time finding the information I needed to learn how to remove and replace an old broken tub drain . As you can see I did it , here is my fresh new brushed nickle tub drain , it is the twist and pull style.
Here is the old drain , broken and with a large chunk missing from the rim which recently began to leak, which it turns out was a hidden defect that our builder or the plumber who installed it hid, it was hidden under a little lump of caulking and it just slowly over time corroded away after some really good scrubbing.
I didn't want it to start leaking into the floor and in turn to our dining room ceiling , so I figure I could replace it , right ...although this really intimidated me I went on to find out if I could , sure I could all I would need it a new drain and over flow package. But how the heck do I remove the old drain .
$27.00 for this brushed nickle finished set , I want to slowly replace all the shower component with brushed nickle.

I also needed plumbers putty .

Look I did it I got the drain out , it was easy right , NO it was not easy at all , I tried with pliers , no avail ,the inside cross bars were very corroded and they broke under very little pressure, what I needed was a DRAIN KEY , don't worry it is not expensive. It is just two pics down , you place it in the drain and use a screw driver in the holes of the drain key and turn it counter clockwise , I asked my husband to do this I didn't have the strength , easily enough it did start to budge , it is simply screwed into the pipe below.

After removing any residue of silicone , by scraping , scrubbing with rubbing alcohol and using a magic eraser it was time for the putty , roll the putty in your hands to create a snake of putty and place around the opening , this will create a water tight seal.

Place the drain into the hole , {remove the plug part first , there is a small screw to loosen and it simply lifts right off }, place the drain in with the drain key inside and slowly start to screw it into the pipe , removing the excess putty as you go , use your screw driver to completely tighten the drain into place and then replace the plug and tighten the screw , that is it folks , you too can install a fresh new tub drain .

This drain is a Moen and it is from Home Depot.

This is such a pretty over flow cover , so shiny and new.

I am glad I gave this DIY a try, I am convinced I saved us at least $100.00 in labour and the parts including the tool came to just $55.00 and now I have learned something new and we have a nice new leak free drain .


Pine Tree Home said...

Great job! Add plumber to your resume. I have an old drain too that I need to think about replacing, right after scraping the tub caulk out and doing a fixer upper.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great job and super tutorial. It looks wonderful and doesn't it make the whole room seem fresh to just replace one thing. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

fairmaiden said...

You amaze me! I'm sure you saved a bundle and you got it done right! You might have paid some fix it guy and ended up with an easy fix that wouldn't last either.

My hubby is a Carpenter so he does all these projects. I do think I need to have him teach me more, so if I had to someday I could do it.
Looks GREAT!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

You are unbelieveably cool!
I would have been scared to death to try that!
Plumbing is just too frustrating for me, I tried once and it was a disaster!

Tricia Rose said...

Every time you have a bath from now on, it will be extra special!

laney said... word you can do anything...i think you need to change the name of your blog... from just beachy to just amazing.... said...

One more bonus of doing it yourself is that you didn't have to be scarred by seeing a stangers plumbers bum. Love the blog! Keep it up!

Barbara said...

Thank you for teaching us about the drain key. I've heard of a lot of tools, but not that one. I have a drain that needs to be replaced and this tutorial will come in very handy. Thanks again!

Laurie1024 said...

Glad I was catching up on blogs tonight. I broke the plug out of the drain in my shower over the weekend! Thanks to your entry, I know where to start and what to do! I had visions of plumbing supply houses and not being able to find the right size plug. Thanks!