Monday, October 20, 2008

My poor girl

I am on high alert , not to be dramatic , but I got a call from school that Sophie had been stung by a bee , normal happens all the time , in fact I usually get stung once a summer , this summer I did not.
I do feel a bit of panic hearing this as this is her first bee sting, they are painful , due to the fact that my older brother is highly anaphylatic to bees and most if not all stinging creatures . I felt I should take her home to observe her myself, make sure nothing alarming happens , so far totally normal reaction swelling red rashing around the site , this was the least I could do for her and to alleviate the stress for the school to not have to watch or rather act if further treatment arises , that is what mommies are for after all.


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

I would have picked up my babies too, had they been stung by a bee at school. Give her a hug - how scary for both of you.

Natalie said...

Aw, you're a great Momma!!!

(DD usually needs just a smidge of Benadryl, and some Calamine lotion on the sting site- seems to be the magic combination we've figured out over time. Her Dad is sooo allergic, but thankfully she's not.)

Hope she feels lots better very, very soon!

(Pop over to my blog when you get a chance...I'm off to find something for by celebratory give away :) )

Pharaohs SPA said...

I hope that she will be ok soon. I will panic too if it happened to my son.

By the way Chris I knew you stopped by to talk to the real estate, I wish you all the best. Good luck

I passed your number and blogspot to my sister. She wants to sell her house, but she changes her mind all the time. So your contact have to be between you and her.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby....they hurt like heck !!!

It is usually not the 1st sting that they react to, unless of course like your brother they're highly allergic, it's the 2nd, 3rd etc...

I would have brought my baby home too, what a good MUM you are !!!

I think someone needs a little treat and her name begins with an S :)

Feel better Sophie,
Kathy :)

lilibethsgarden said...

I hope the effects done last!!

Cote de Texas said...

is this the one with the peanut allergy? I don't blame you for being scared. I once was alone in the house and in the shower and without my glasses on - picked up what i thought was a piece of lint - it was a bee and it stung me. I was so shocked becuase i hadn't been stung since I was a girl, oh like 40 years ago! I got really scared because I was alone and thought i was going to go into shock that I called our police dept. (we live in this little bitty town inside of Houston where you can call the police for all kinds of b.s. like bee stings) - anyway - sooooo embarrassing - I was fine, no reaction at all. hahah!!! I hope your daughter is fine, but it sounds like she is - she would have reacted immediately I think.

Chris - thanks for your sooo sweet comment - ditto to everything you said!!!

chriskauf said...

Sophie is fine now , gave her benadryl and within an hour all signs of the sting were gone,
because of her other serious allergy , peanut , I am very watchful as Sophie's first exposure to peanuts was an utter disaster and the most frightening experience of my life.
So we will be watching for a second sting and paying close attention , hopefully she will never be stung again , leave that to me any day .

julie said...

Good job mommy!

Deb said...

How scary!! That was a good idea to just go pick her up. Besides, no one makes you feel better like your mommy.

SweDaisy said...

Poor Sophie, Glad to hear she's doing better.

I loved the show. I really like the country space that was a living room, craft room and laundry room all in one. The color scheme and use of space was great. So many great ideas like the storage containers that were tin cans covered in wallpaper.

You seem to be the type of momma who would do anything for your girls, so it doesn't surprise me that you made your own food too.

No, unfortunately I'm not pregnant. It's been on our minds lately, but we still aren't in the careers we want to be and making the money to be a bit more comfortable. For now we wait. I guess that's part of why I love reading mommy blogs, I can't wait to be a mommy too.

Madonna was really good. Most of the songs she did were from her new album. I was hoping to hear more of her older stuff. Either way she has a great voice and put on a great show. She danced all night.

SweDaisy said...


Funny as soon as I saw the Home and country stage I said to my HUsband "Now this is a space that totally reminds me of Chris" LOL

Take care,

restyled home said...

Poor, little Sophie...but lucky is she: she has a very good mummy!


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

What a good mommy you are!! I am sure that it eased her mind and also yours!!

Question for you...would you consider doing a post about the crew taping your house for the show? I would find that really interesting and I am sure others would too.

For instance, did you get to meet Steven and Chris? How do they notify you that you got picked? Do they come and stage your house for the shoot (not that you need it, that is for sure)? What sort of questions did they ask you when they interviewed you? Finally, do you know when your segment will air?