Sunday, October 19, 2008

Style at Home Show in TO

This is the ever loved Sarah Richardson , I am sorry for the poor picture quality , I don't know why my camera doesn't like to take clear photos of her, Tommy was there too , taking photos of the huge crowds standing and waiting to see her speak . She gave an hour long design lesson .
She also told us that there will soon be a Sarah's Cottage , if you don't get Sarah's House 1 or 2 , than request it on HGTV and Fineliving , tell them you want to see it in the U.S. , the cottage is Sarah's cottage on HER , what do you think it is called , "design island"?
They somehow underestimated how many seats they needed so there was standing room already 45 minutes before Sarah was to speak , see this guy taking up a seat , he is sleeping , another woman was doing a cross word puzzle , the nerve.
Flik & Co. booth , wonderful display.

This was the Home and Country stage isn't it gorgeous ,just my style.
Love that wallpaper.
I found this perfect cupboard, I have been looking for one to use as a linen closet , one that could hold my vacuum , this one fit the bill , I would paint it though , turns out the dealer lives about 1 minute drive from my house , I have always said I should check that place out , I guess I was right , he has gorgeous pieces.
I will continue to bring you some posts as much as I can , I don't like this laptop, but I will muster though.

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