Friday, October 3, 2008

My living room

Someone had asked where I got the drapes photographed in the window seat bench post, well as you can see I have very tall living room and tall windows ,and I suppose I could have looked for a beautiful fabric and had oh 12 yards purchased to make custom drapes , but being the frugal girl I am I went to my tried and true, Ikea they had these linen looking heavy cotton simple drapes, I believe they were $60.00 for the pair and they were long long just what I needed. I knew I could find a co-ordinating fabric and sew it on , and that is what I did, I attached 4 feet of fabric on to the drapes , actually there was a brown and black graphic floral fabric on the bottom before this little stripe .These extra long curtains were installed by me on the first day we moved in to this home. Very affordable option .
This is a tall room but cozy in scale, or small but a favourite place to watch the tube, which is housed in a hand me down hutch and buffet given to us by my mother in law, she knew I would paint it , also painted twice first white and then this scone color , we removed all the shelving and a closed cupboard that was originally where the tv sits now , re-using is a very affordable option use what you have or re-purpose what you have , you just might have the perfect solution already.
Couple of things I did in this room , first I replaced all of the cheapy thin builder trim around those windows , I trimmed them all as one grouping of windows , I also kept that area the white I didn't want bands of color around those windows I thought it would take away from them , it also gives it a fresh wide open feeling . The round shutter is purely decorative and draws your eye up and adds a needed detail. I also finally finished this paint job , which was a challenge I had asked a painter to do this finish job for me , however sadly his wife passed away suddenly and then it was my job , I am so glad it is finally complete.

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