Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little free decorating is going on

I have been playing today , moving things up moving things down , trying a little this trying a little that .
You will find things out when you take a photo of your room , like that I NEED a rug for this living room , and that those white brackets might be better painted black , and that my lamps aren't lampy enough , that right lampy .
I moved my beautiful bench back to it intended home , I remembered I moved it away from here because at the time I had little grubby fingered toddlers running around that could possible soil it , since I quit my day job that is no longer a concern . As well I added the leaf so my table is it full length now , the bench only fits if I extend the table this way , that's fine I like it. I am going to get out my paint brush and touch up those walls in the dining room and asap pick up my new curtain rod .
Even doing a little touch up in the front hall , white trim needs attention every now and again , its not low maintenance. Those tiles, can I talk about those tiles , I hate them , they are going to go , should be quite a mess when I rip those out. I found the perfect tiles tonight a nice deep grey , or maybe a sandy coloured slate , we will see , that is my next BIG project , never tiled a floor before , just walls, this should be easy .

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