Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is on your list today

For me lately every day seems to have a sound track , not a fun hip hop beat , but a tick tick ticking.....
Today has gone a little like this
- I got the kids off to school
-home to work out
-get to the grocery store to buy lunch stuff
-go back home make lunch
-bring lunch to school , while there vote in the Federal election
-off for the most relaxing facial which includes quite a massage, this was a gift from a wonderful lady
-go purchase my first pair of SPANX , gosh I hope the deliver
now we are here at 12:00 a quick veggie lunch , and then I will get some painting in , tonight I will do a little sewing , pillows and hemming closet curtains as well as wash all the slipcovers in the house , that is a big job .
tick tick tick .....
So how is your day going so far???

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