Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy busy again

I love the reflection from this mirror , isn't it fun.
Here is my newly upgraded curtain rod, I had planned to pick up a matching one to the others on the main floor but of course as luck would have it , it is discontinued , well of course because it was beautiful and affordable, but as luck was actually on my side yesterday I found this lovely thick and sturdy black rod ,I love the squared finials and it was $25.00 less than the other .
Here is the skinny cheap falling apart rod I replaced , the scale was all wrong .
This was the room I spend my whole day in , while my family went off to visit out of town I stayed behind to finish the trim work and curtains for this closet in my youngest daughters room (will explain why later), I opted for no closet doors in here , the sliders they offered I hate , doors would be nice , but there is not enough room to fully open two doors and have a double bed so doors were out , I decided on curtains , which turns out is a perfect fit , Sophie swings them open to easily access her hanging clothes . All of the trim around the closet opening is what I installed yesterday as well as all new baseboards, click on the photo for a closer look, it was just sort of an open box , I thought adding a header and mouldings to dress it all up would be an added touch of character to a small room like this .
The antique white was too yellow for my liking so this formerly black mirror is now the perfect shade of pink.
The room is almost finished and I will show it off properly later.
Cheers for now.

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