Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Steven and Chris Show


I have been keeping a little secret , the reason that I have been working feverishly getting my house ready is for it's big debut , I submitted my home for the Steven and Chris show segment called House Proud , it airs nationally on the CBC , it is a wonderful daily talk show , I know all my Canadian friends know who these guys are , but if you reside in the US you may know them from Designer Guys as they were the original hosts and it aired on HGTV. I have been following them forever , forever ever... you can watch them as well online . Check the link .
I have to thank Linda for without you I wouldn't have even really considered doing so , not that I wouldn't love the opportunity to share my passion , but the thought of being filmed and put on television makes me a lot queasy , but some how I managed , Alex and Arthur were so kind to me , and it was a lot of fun , really not nearly as scary as I thought it would be .

The house looked the best it ever has , it feels so pretty today in here I will enjoy its cleanliness and the fact that it is so finished .
Click on the Steven and Chris link and check out their site , they have lots of great living advice including decorating , in the video portion you will find the House Proud videos among many others, they are a lot of fun to watch .

Thanks Steven and Chris for coming and letting me share my home with you and you audience what an honour. Thanks Alex and Arthur , you made it easy and fun .
I will keep you all posted as to when it is airing .

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