Thursday, October 2, 2008

Window seat

I was always pleased we would have a good sized window seat in this house , as we had one in our first house in the bay window , it had a denim cushion and storage it was very useful and great for the children. Our window seat now was a simple bump out covered in drywall which didn't stand up at all , I have heard some people say tile it , for plants , ew ! sorry I can't sugar coat that . My solution was to clad it with beadboard and cover the surface with wood and painted it all white of course. The dogs were making an utter mess of it , they love to look out and see what is going on or who is coming, I have always thought of making a big upholstered cushion and when I saw a neighbour tossing some perfectly good foam I quickly scooped it , that is recycling not garbage picking !, it was clean and I know these people , they are good people , do you know how pricey foam is ?? I had the fabric in the house just waiting so nothing was to stop me, today I put together a nice cushion just needed to buy a big piece of foot wide pine , I love it , it is soft and cushiony for the kids , its great for the small folks and it should hide the dog messiness oh it beckons to be used. For a mere $11.00 we now have a completed window seat.
This kid can spy a change a mile away , she walked in the door after school and went right for it , she asks me some days now , "is there something changed at home?", I think she looks forward to the improvements just as much as I do .

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